Softener Plant

Good Luck Wide Infinity Co, Ltd softening plant is designed to remove calcium and magnesium ions which cause the hardness of water. The hardness in raw water gets exchanged with sodium ions in the sodium based cationic resin bed thus giving real soft water. Softening plant is designed to cater to the requirement of scale prevention of utility / plumbing fixtures from total hardness.

Features :

  • The series of softeners are attractive, compact, easy to operate & maintain, & use international quality materials of construction, introduced for the first time in India.
  • Softeners are available in MSRL, FRP, SSRL and operating in Manual / Auto mode.

Application :

  • Boiler Feed Water.
  • Heat Exchangers and Chillers.
  • Cooling Tower Spray.
  • Beverage Manufacturing.

Advantages :

  • Compact down-flow design.
  • Counter-current design for better efficiency and lower operating cost.
  • Simple to install and operate.
  • Improve the heat transfer and efficiency.
  • Saves costly maintenance.
  • Wade range: 500LPH-100m3/Hr.