Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)

Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) is a wastewater treatment setup located at an individual residence or at a cluster of housing or commercial facility. It comes with complete wastewater treatment system providing good product water quality for reuse purpose and with significantly lower maintenance.

Good Luck is Thailand based renowned Sewage Treatment Plant supplier in Thailand that we provide fully integrated, prefabricated Sewage Treatment Plant for variety of capacities ranging from 10 to 500 m3/day. The system is fully capable of removing organic & inorganic substance, colloidal particles, suspended solids, pathogens, high Mw components etc.

If STP is implemented in a fully integrated fashion, it will significantly reduce the need of fresh water and in turn lower the burden on natural resources. In developing countries- especially for Thailand- where fresh water availability is scare, it is even more critical to consider sewage Treatment Plant implemented at all scales from rural, semi-urban to urban area.