RO/ Membrane water treatment solutions

Good Luck Wide Infinity Co., Ltd. Provide a number of innovative and cost-effective solutions designed for deposition control of organic and inorganic flocculants as well as the removal of organic and inorganic flocculants. These successful solutions can help keep your membrane operating effectively. We maintain NSF and Organic Certified acceptable product lines for those customers who fall under those regulations.

We know your best defense is a good offense.

Good Luck Wide Infinity Co, Ltd. works as a comprehensive solution for any given type of water provided system projection is prepared. This projection is based on system data collected ahead of design. Different projections may be submitted for different scenarios for optimization purposes. Therefore, the system survey data format should be filled properly with all information to contain raw water analysis, recovery rate or planned production rate, purpose of production water to be used for, and environments conditions.

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RO Membrane Water Treatment Programs :

  • Scale/Fouling Control De-chlorination
  • Microbiological Control for Membrane Separation
  • Coagulation / Flocculation for Membrane Separation
  • Membrane Cleaning